Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Vision :

To be a pre-eminent educational institute where teaching and learning brings out the best in the students. Our aspiration and images of the desired future are,

  • A distinctive institution which provides high quality education.
  • Courses recognized for excellence, which bring pride to alumni, the state and us.
  • Faculty at the frontiers in education and teaching excellence.
  • Courses which attract top students, scholars and faculty and which produce prepared and differentiated students and promote lifelong learning.
  • A work environment where all persons can thrive and realized their full ambitions and potential.
  • Close and productive ties with alumni and industry.
  • Student who appreciate their education and loyal alumni.
  • Student uniquely valued by industry.
  • College being identified as an impact institution.

Mission :

  • To impart the quality education to the students especially to the socially economically backward students from the middle class in the vicinity with a view that education will make them economically independent.
  • To enable our students to face the unknown situations and to make them strong to face the problems of the rapidly changing and increasingly complex world.
  • To make our students responsible, sensitive, socially committed and to develop in them spiritual insight and the ideas of patriotism, democracy, secularism, socialism and peace.
  • To include skills and knowledge and awareness of our glorious national heritage.
  • To inculcate in them the good qualities of heart and head this will help them to make the world around better place to live in.