Department of Marathi

Department of Marathi


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Teaching, Learning and Research work (Ph.D., UGC Project) is going on in Marathi department. The department has a long tradition in the college. It is seen that many students are working in various fields after taking education from the department.


The objective of the Marathi Department is to provide opportunities to all students to enhance their linguistic skills, language conservation in the present global era, communication skills, language culture development and research skills.

Relevant Features

In the Marathi Department, continuous studies and various activities are conducted on Marathi literature, language, culture, folk art. Mainly, in order to awaken the identity of our language among the students, a 'Marathi Vadmay Mandal' is formed in the department, under which lectures of various speakers on literature, poetry reading, ghazal singing, debate-debate competition, writing competition, essay competition are organized creatively. It tries to achieve comprehensive linguistic skill development of the students.


  • Developing employment oriented language skills in students.
  • To create interest in the society (region) for the flourishing and upliftment of the mother tongue. To strive for holistic development of students' personality.