Department of Economics

Department of Economics


Dr. Anil Gambhirrao Sonawane

Head of Department


The Department of Economics has established in 1992. The subject is taught at general level in all classes of B.A.Though it is taught at general level, the interested students choose the course at the general subject.Today all together 120 students are studying the course.This is the single faculty department. Due to its nature, there is natural limitation for development, Still it is compensated by doing extracurricular and extension activities.


The Goal of the Department of Economics is to impart quality education in Economics of rural and economically weaker students. The study of Economics will helps to understand the problems caused by the limited resources and help students as consumer to make rational choices when making decisions.


  • 1. To enables students to have understanding the various issues of Indian Economy.
  • 2.To develop the analysing capability in the context of current Indian Economic Problems.
  • 3.To able the students for competitive Examinations.