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Department of Hindi


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The Hindi Department of R. C. Patel A.C.S. College is established in 1992. Our College Offers U.G. Courses. And run at Special department staff is well qualified and proses Ph. D. We organza the guest lecture of famous poets, persons and well qualified teachers for students. We encourage the students for attending conference and workshops. Department faculty member engage in doing research work. Departmental. Faculty helps the poor and needy student for their academic development. Faculty participates in social activities, annual programs of colleges and well-fair programs. Departmental faculty has uses new advanced technologies. The maximum numbers of backward and tribal students are involved into learning processes. Every year Hindi rajbhasha and rashtrabhasha Day is celebrated in our department. Funding from various agencies for going of research project.


To be a center where literature is studied for the all-round development of the personality of students, whose sensibility, sensitivity and imagination are kindled through the creative and critical training.


To be a center of learning where the education brings out the best in the students.

  • To develop and sharpen the creative and critical literary tendencies of the students.
  • To help them to be economically independent.
  • To empower the students through the acquisition of Hindi.
  • To attempt to help them to be good and responsible human beings having balance of intelligence and emotions.