Department of Defense Studies

Department of Defence Studies


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The department of Defence and Strategic Studies is established in 1991. The subject is taught at general level in first year, second year and third year of B.A. Though it is taught at general level, the students enthusiastically choose the course as the general subject. Nearly 100% of FYBA students opts this course while 65% of SY/TYBA students prefer it as general course.


Defence Studies subject imparts knowledge to our youth at basic level to understand various difficulties which our nation facing nowadays' like: – terrorism, naxalism, separatism etc. at a glance as internal security problems, a range of external problems as well.

Relevant Features

To introduce the it as special subject at U.G. Level.


  • 1. To make students interested in and about the national security.
  • 2. To introduce them defence system of India.
  • 3. To co-relate history with present day situations.
  • 4. To develop national consciousness among youngsters