Department of Commerce

Department of Commerce


Dr. Shubhangi G. Pingle

Head of Department


R. C. Patel Arts, Commerce and Science College in Shirpur. It's evident that the college has made significant progress since its inception in 1991. With its focus on providing undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the faculties of Arts, Commerce, and Science, the college has been able to attract a growing number of students over the years. Being located in a rural tribal area highlights the college's dedication to providing education and opportunities to underserved communities. The vision of becoming a pre-eminent institute that brings out the best in its students demonstrates the college's commitment to academic excellence and personal growth.

Additionally, it's worth noting that R. C. Patel Arts, Commerce and Science College is a Grant-in-aid College sanctioned by the Maharashtra state government. This likely means that the college receives financial support from the government to help with its operations and to provide quality education.

Furthermore, the college's decision to introduce self-financing courses demonstrates its willingness to diversify its offerings and cater to a broader range of academic interests and career paths. It's interesting to see that the college introduced Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) in 2012 and Master of Commerce (M.Com) in 2017, indicating its continuous efforts to expand its curriculum and provide more educational opportunities to its students. Overall, the information you provided showcases the growth, dedication, and commitment of R. C. Patel Arts, Commerce and Science College to providing quality education in a rural tribal area.


  • To consolidate, strengthen and update the existing programmes
  • To expand and diversify to cover the frontier areas by introducing newly certain innovative academic programmes
  • To adopt latest educational technology such as use of computer, internet etc.
  • To adopt appropriate methods of assessment and evaluation of performance of learners
  • To improve soft skills to bring about balanced personality development of the learners


The Department is committed to integrate all facets of commerce and management to educate and train innovative and competent human resource globally suitable for industry, business and service sector and to equip and encourage them to start their own ventures in urban or rural areas benefitting both the classes and masses.

Relevant Features

  • Excellence in teaching -learning process as reflected in results
  • Contribution to the existing knowledge through research and practical knowledge.
  • Service to the society through extension activities.