Best Practice 1

Best Practice 1

Blood group detection and Hygiene Awareness Camp

The Department of Microbiology and Biotechnology of R. C. Patel Arts, Commerce and Science College has established the student’s club called “Plasmid Club”. In biological world, plasmid means – a genome coding extra characters to the organism.

The club is dedicated to undertake the various extracurricular and extension activities related to health, hygiene, better living etc. The objectives of the clubs are listed below:


  • To get acquainted with good study techniques and to make available the study resources for preparation of competitive examination.
  • Creating cooperative environment within students and helping in expression of students ideas, views, thoughts and enhance the interaction within students, Students-Teachers and by making available Wall magazine – BIOVISION. Making students aware of Social issues such as pollution, disease awareness and importance of personal in daily life.


The year 2020-21 proved fateful for the humanity due the pandemic of Covid-19. As the whole country suffered due to the pandemic, the jurisdiction of the college also went through the unfortunate effects of pandemic. It was obvious that the college and the Plasmid Club were unable to organize the regular activities such as Blood group detection and Hygiene Awareness Camp due to the restriction to the free movement outside. Nevertheless, Plasmid Club knew its responsibility towards the health of the people in the tehsil.

The situation was unknown and the challenges raised by COVID-19 conditions were newfangled. That’s why with great caution, the college organized the various activities under the COVID Awareness Programme.

The activities we conducted for the academic year 2020-21 were as follows:

  • 1. Raising the funds: The faculty members voluntarily contributed in the CM fund as we felt that it is our moral duty to help the poor and pandemic affected people through the CM fund.
  • 2. Availing the Remdesivir for the faculty and the victims of Covid in the Tehsil: During the pandemic, Remdesivir – a life-saving drug in pandemic was nearly out of reach from the patients. The R.C. Patel Educational Trust made these drugs available for the needy ones. The faculty members voluntarily came ahead in managing the distribution of drugs through the R. C. Patel Generic Medical Store of the Trust.
  • 3. Distribution of Arsenic Album-30: The College distributed Arsenic Album-30, a homeopathic drug as a precautionary drug against the COVID infection in the society.
  • 4. Students Contribution in the Laboratory testing: The students of Microbiology and Biotechnology helped in the COVID – testing in government and private laboratories with due protection.
  • 5. Organization of COVID Awareness quiz: The departments like Computer Science organized the quiz of COVID awareness for the students.
  • 6. Counseling for Staff: It was tough time for all to cope up with the new challenges raised by pandemic. The college organized counseling for staff members.
  • 7. Fun with Fitness: A fitness program was organized online for the staff members every day during the lockdown period.
  • 8. Providing Alcohol Based Sanitizer to the Schools and Colleges in the vicinity: The Department of Microbiology initiated a unique venture during the pandemic of producing the alcohol-based sanitizer. Our faculty distributed the sanitizer among the other colleges on the campus and schools in the town.
  • 9. Rapid Antigen Test for Faculty: The college organized Rapid Antigen Test for faculty through Thyrocare Laboratory, Mumbai.
  • 10. COVID Protection kit for Students: The College provided the students with the COVID protection Kit which consisted sanitizer, mask, hand gloves, etc.
  • 11. Counselling for COVID Patient: The faculty members acted as the counselors in the Jumbo COVID centre, Shirpur.

Evidence of success:

The success of the activities can be seen in various ways. The funds raising was our moral responsibility. But availing the drugs like Arsenic Album-30 helped our human resource to be protected from the infections. Our contribution in the management of distribution Remdesivir drug must be mentioned. These drugs were made available for the victims from our own college and at the same time from the whole tehsil. The counseling helped the faculty to be mentally strong and the fitness program helped to keep themselves fit. The schools and colleges which were supplied the alcohol -based sanitizer expressed their feelings of gratitude towards the college. The college took care of students by providing them protection kits.

Best-Practice-1 Proofs:-

Best-Practice-1 Proofs:-
1-Fun with Fitness Download
2-Fun with Fitness Download
3-Fun with Fitness Download
4-Remdesivir Distribution Download
5-Photo_Remdesivir Distribution Download
6-CM fund list Download
7-Provided alcohol based sanitizer Download
8-Image Proofs for Best Practice-1 Download
9-COVID-19 Quiz Download